Development of analytical systems for business

Business Intelligence on Qlik Sense platform

  • Total and flexible control over your business
  • Prompt and reasonable decision making
Development of analytical systems for business


Quick access to precise data from the uniform database
Deep analysis of large volumes of data
Visualization of the results in a convenient form

Integrated analytics and data management platform

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What is a BI-system

(Business Intelligence)

BI-system — is an analytical platform for collecting, processing and analysing data with the further generation of queries and reports in order to extract important business knowledge. Business Intelligence allows you to simulate the possible outcomes of various action scenarios without significant financial costs, and to promptly monitor the consequences of the actions taken.

Main functions of a BI-system

Collection and integration of data from various sources,
including the legacy systems that don't have friendly interfaces

Processing of large volumes of data,
as well as data with complex structure and for many time periods

Handy results:
intuitive dynamic analytical reports and spectacular visualizations

High speed of work,
with large volumes of data

Flexible visualization:
ease of filtering and selection of data

Creating and uploading
custom visualizations, reports and stories

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What problems does a BI-system solve

Inconsistent and incomplete data
  • Access to managerial information and prompt acquisition of current data
  • Increasing the reliability of analysis by eliminating errors, duplicates, and inconsistencies
  • Simplification of obtaining, consolidating and processing data from heterogeneous sources
  • Increasing the relevance of the source data and its availability at any time
Long analytics preparation time
  • Minimization of time and effort spent on reporting with a high level of detail
  • Reduction of IT-specialists' workload and working time
  • Elimination of long waitinig time for the analytical repors building
What problems does a BI-system help to solve
Inconsistencies in problem solving
  • Complex data analysis eliminates the use of different techniques and algorithms for solving the same problem
  • Reducing the impact of the "human factor" on the accuracy of the results

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Application area

BI-systems provide users with information in form of dashboards, tables and report constructors (Ad-Hoc). They are widely used in various economic sectors for different business processes in solving an unlimited range of tasks

  • Company management: managerial panes (dashboards) and KPIs, prognoses and alternatives analysis, HR-analysis.
  • Financial reporting:profit, loss and balance sheet analysis, cash flows, consolidation of reports.
  • Sales and marketing: analysis of checks, customers and sales, determining the effectiveness of advertising, forecasting.
  • Logistics: analysis of suppliers, supply and demand, warehouse management, turnover, inventory analysis and much more.
Problems that BI-systems solve
More problems that BI-systems solve
  • Strategic analysis: identification and forecasting of possible risks, assessment of investment projects and alternative business development areas, capital investment planning, cost management, etc.
  • Operational analysis: final assessment of the company's performance, modeling business situations and adjusting goals, monitoring the current state of the business and resources, etc.

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Advantages of the Qlik Sense BI-system

Qlik Sense — is a new product from the QlikTech company, which combines intellectual visualization and search based on "In-Memory Associative Analysis" technology.

For 9 years, Qlik Sense has been one of the three leaders in the field of Business Intelligence according to research company Gartner (US).

Advantages of Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense is a powerful visual analytics tool of the latest generation, which has unique properties:

  • Friendly interface, designed even for an untrained user, paired with an extensive library of training materials
  • Wide opportunities of data analysis for advanced users in self-service mode
  • Product flexibility and user independence from the developer and IT specialists
  • The associative data indexing mechanism allows you to extract more information and speed up the decision-making process through intuitive research
  • Free version of Qlik Sense Desktop for data visualization for collective use of interactive graphs, charts and dashboards
  • Cloud version of Qlik Sense Cloud for collective remote access and group work with data
  • Access control for user groups
  • Automation of data updates and support for mobile devices and tablets

Benefits of QLIK Sense

Benefits achieved by introducing Qlik Sense*

Benefits of Qlik Sense

* According to the data by analytical company TAdvser: www.tadviser.ru

by 20-30%

Cost reduction for marketing with the same number of orders

up to 0%

Free up time for static reporting

Results achieved by companies using Qlik Sense

by 0%

Speeding up management decision making processes

up to 0%

Diminishing of running costs by identifying bottlenecks and avoiding risks and losses

within 1 year

Quick return of investments for Qlik Sense implementation in 1 year

Over 17,000 companies in 100 countries trust QlikTech as a reliable provider of fast and flexible decision support tools.

50,000 customers from different countries note the high efficiency of the practical use of Qlik products in a wide variety of areas

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Implementation Stages
of Qlik Sense BI-system

Creation of business requirements
Development of a model for the analytical system
Description of integration interfaces
Development of a data loading mechanism
Development of data visualization forms
Staff training
Launch of BI-system

All development stages are carried out taking into account the specifics of the business, the goals of implementing BI-systems and customer needs. We create high-quality analytical systems that give a deep understanding of the processes in the company, allowing you to get a reliable assessment of the situation in an accessible form and predict its further development.

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Benefits of ProfInfoTech

More than 10 years of successful work in the corporate market

A professional team capable of solving non-standard tasks quickly and efficiently

Experience working with clients of different levels and scales - from micro-enterprises to international companies

High work culture and systematic approach, allowing to take into account all the nuances of the clientТs business

The ability to understand the clientТs problems and communicate with him in one language

Guaranteed complete confidentiality of information received

Industry Leaders Trust ProfInfoTech Solutions

We propose the implementation of business analysis systems based on software products of the leading global manufacturer QlikTech. During the work, ProfInfoTech specialists implemented projects of varying complexity for commercial organizations and private enterprises, among them:

Analysis of the client base of a commercial bank

Analysis of the loan portfolio of a commercial bank

Accounting analysis

Consolidated financial analysis of a Holding

Key partners and clients

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