We are an international software development company with locations in Tallinn, Estonia and Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Since 1997 our team develops IT-systems for local and international enterprises. Our customers vary from small companies to Fortune Global 500 members. We create systems in such areas as manufacturing, banking, logistics, insurance, sales and telecommunications.

Throughout these years we have created and shipped more than ten enterprise-scale IT-systems that automate the work of thousands of users. We can serve the whole application life cycle - from business requirements specification to post-production support and maintenance.

Possessing a unique expertise and strong experience, we co-operate with other developers and integrators on various projects. We can work on our own or be a part of a bigger team. As we design our new software, we perform a thorough analysis of your business and domain. We always hear our clients and suggest the optimal solutions, not limiting ourselves with any particular technologies.

We are mostly proficient in database design, SQL programming and scripting, application architecture design, cross-system integration design and implementation, .NET programming, BI development using QlikSense or Power BI. We hold the rare expertise of working with Progress OpenEdge platform.

We value the trust of our clients and aim at building strong and long-lasting partner relationships.

Our key technologies are:


Progress OpenEdge Development Platform

Our team works with Progress Software technologies since 1996


.NET + Microsoft SQL

We create corporate systems based on Mictosoft technologies for Web and Desktop applications since 2009



Since 2018 our company develops analytical systems using Qlik Sense platform


1C:Enterprise Platform

Our company has been a franshisee-partner of 1C company since 2013.


Software products for VOIP-communications

We have created "out-of-the-box" products for VoIP-telecommunications, which are now rinning in many countries around the world: Billion Softswitch - a transit SIP/H.323 server, and Billion PBX - programmed SIP-telephone switch for small businesses. More information can be found on the products' site. Billion Systems.