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Information systems developed using Progress Software technologies have established themselves as very reliable solutions. Many enterprises have successfully used similar systems developed more than 20 years ago. The only inconvenience is the lack of Progress product specialists in the market. Our company successfully solves this problem.

We have been working with Progress tools since 1996. We know Progress in all its aspects - from version 7 to version 11; character, graphical and web interface; smart objects and OERA; AppServer, WebSpeed and Sonic.

Our experience covers both the development of new systems on Progress and the support of legacy systems developed by third-party specialists. Our experts will help optimize system performance, provide training and consulting to customerТs specialists.

Here are a few examples:


Client: PecsiCo Holdings

Marketing Equipment Management System (MEMS). The MEMS system covers all of PepsiCoТs Russian regional units and counts hundreds of thousands of units of refrigeration and demonstration equipment. Implementation of the system allowed improving the quality of work of the MEM department through the automation of many business processes, such as the arrival, decommissioning, installation and removal of equipment from the client, internal relocation, as well as inventarization and audit. The developed reporting system provides up-to-date information on marketing equipment, allowing timely management decisions to be made. Through the enterprise system bus (ESB), MEMS is integrated with the company's ERP system, as well as with the system of interaction with distributors. The system is implemented in the architecture of a three-tier client-server application.


Client: Renaissance Insurance Company

Development of the Insurance Operating System (IOS). From 2004 to the present, our specialists have been developing and designing the system as part of a single development team.


Client: JTI

Maintenance of the IRMS warehouse management system. System maintenance was carried out in 24X7 mode. Performance problems were fixed, additional modules were developed; work was done on data migration to the new warehouse management system.


Client: St Petersburg and Leningrad district Traffic Police

Maintenance and modernization of the car accident accounting system. The system covers 40 districts of St. Petersburg and Leningrad district, as well as the Traffic Police Office. The system was developed on Progress version 7. The system was upgraded to Progress version 9, performance problems and technical limitations associated with the growth of the volume of stored data were eliminated; regular technical support of the system was carried out until its replacement with a single federal system.


Client: Cubio Communications

Maintenance of the TMS billing system, which is the "heart" of the companyТs business. Performance problems have been resolved, additional modules have been developed that extend the functionality of the system.

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