Personal efficiency assessment system

On PERSEI platform (PERSonal Efficiency Index)

  • Identification of bottlenecks in working processes
  • Increase in the efficiency of work
  • Objective computation of a company's productivity
  • Workload analysis and precise computation of employees' worktime
  • Increase in productivity and motivation of every employee
Personal Efficiency Assessment System

Best idea 2015 as admitted by JTI management board (Japan Tobacco International)

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What is PERSEI

What is PERSEI (PERSonal Efficiency Index)

PERSEI  is a platform for gathering, monitoring and managing performance-related data. The end product allows to automate the performance evaluation of employees, separate production areas or the whole company.

PERSEI: a complex solution for efficient work of your company

Efficiency assessment of employees and assets:
computation of personal efficiency and workload.

Worktime control and accounting:
monitoring and analysis
of activities during working hours.

Competence assessment:
checking for employees' professionalism and technical knowledge.

This system is for:

  • companies and enterprises of any speciality with number of employees exceeding 100
  • business owners, top-managers and HR-specialists

As well as for:

  • those who want to manage own business and take correct decisions
  • those who want to advance to a new level and to increase profit

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Tasks solved by PERSEI

Tasks solved by PERSEI
processes optimiztion
  • Effective workloads distribution and liquidation of idle time
  • Increase and stabilization of product quality
Effective management
  • Faster and better process of making managerial, HR, and manufactorial decisions by having a clear objective view
  • Several times increase in productivity
  • Strenghtening the discipline, liquidation of worktime losses
  • Improving the quality of communications among departments, employees and managers
Optimized management
of human resources
  • Employee assessment automation
  • Optimization of employees count
  • Employee assessment automation
  • Employee development management: coaching in cases of insufficient qualification
  • Increase the engagement of every employee in the process of achieving the company's goals
  • Employees motivation considering personal productiveness

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Differences between traditional
methods and PERSEI

A lot of companies today use outdated control and assessment methods that don't comply with reality. Among them:

Personal control and manager assessment:
subjective approach that costs a lot and distracts from primary tasks.

ACS (Acess Control Systems) and logbooks:
incomplete control over employees during working hours.

HR-tests, surveys, daily output:
inefficient and uninformative assessments.

Programms for automated control with one parameter: (for example, time useage): lacks complex view.

Solutions on PERSEI platform are developped using Microsoft technologies such as SQL Server, .NET (WPF and UWP), SQL Reporting Services, Power BI and give reliable and precise results.

Innovative automated system:
less time and effort for gathering the data and calculating the results.

Enhanced assessment methods:
accuracy and completeness of information, personal efficiency assesment of employees.

Expert production assessment:
high credibility and necessary volumes of input data.

many parameters and indexes are assessed: worktime usage, employee testing coverage, production assets workload and others.


The placement of production personnel

Planning the workload of personnel with arrangements for each shift, taking into account the availability of own personnel and staff working on the terms of outsourcing.

Control and accounting of working

Detailed shift logs of arrivals and departures, comparison of the actual and planned arrangement of personnel.

Personal efficiency assessment

Computations are made for each production line or area as well as for each employee.

Assessment of knowledge and competences

Automated testing by individually picked up topics, employees-to-tests matrix and maintenance of the competences log with overall grades.

Reporting creation

Performed for each production module, includes the computation of sufficiency of personnel, output reports, personnel arrangements, efficiencies, tested competences, overtime works and misconducts.

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Advantages of solutions on PERSEI platform

Efficiency and objectiveness

Independent assessment of personnel work, fast result computations, efficient data storage and search methods.

Reliability of data

Our assessment systems are fully adapted to your business. No data losses or unwanted changes take place.


High speed of getting accurate data and results with minimal efforts.


Possibility to extend or alter the system depending on the production circumstances.


Document-based reporting and transparancy of computations give accurate and reliable information about each employee's work.

Products created on PERSEI platform work in accordance with the laws, not violating personal rights and confidential data.

Examples of successful introduction of PERSEI

In 2015 a system called PAS (Production Assessment System) based on PERSEI was introduced in "Petro" factory in St Petersburg. It consists of 3 modules: personal efficiency assessment; technical knowledge testing; competences. "Petro" is the biggest factory owned by Japan Tobacco International (JTI): more than 1000 employees, multiple production areas, 2 shifts every day and night.

Outcomes of introducing PAS in "Petro" (year results):


Increase in all key production measures

(all-time record for the factory).


Increase in average efficiency


Reduction of overtimes by 40% and budget savings.

Increase in target bonus: performance evaluation system is associated with the bonus system

(personal output from one shift
and group output from 4 shifts).

Improving labor discipline: the number of delays and premature departure from work decreased by 4 times.

Improving the attitude of staff to work and performed duties.

Daria Andreeva
Daria Andreeva

HR director in JTI

"The results of the staff engagement study showed that the factory employees are interested in evaluating their individual indicators, and we took this desire into account.

The created system increased motivation, improved key indicators of production efficiency and discipline, and also made it possible to reward employees on the basis of objective indicators - if the fixed salary is constant, the size of the bonus for each employee is tied to its results. We already note that the most active workers appreciated this approach. The Production Assessment System was the best idea of 2015 and it is planned to be implemented at other JTI factories".

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What is included in our work package

  • Formation of business requirements
  • Description of the integration interfaces
  • Preparing the initial data
  • Hardware & Software Installation
  • Testing and debugging modules
  • Staff training
  • We will assist in finalizing the automated system and its support.
  • We provide free consultations of our experts in any volume
What consitutes our work

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