Logistic Model Calculation System

Target audience

Companies managing a logistics network for product delivery, with the number of final and intermediate warehouses more than 10.


Automate the process of calculating the cost of distributing products to endpoints through intermediate warehouses and selecting the option that is optimal for the total cost indicators. Moreover, the calculation of the cost of distribution is carried out taking into account transport costs, storage, loading and unloading, as well as the cost of the unsold product.


Calculation of models is based on schemes. In each scheme, the user sets a set of initial indicators: a list of warehouses, the volume of consumption of products at the endpoints, available routes, types of vehicles used on routes, delivery rates between points taking into account different vehicles, as well as other auxiliary indicators.

For each generated scheme, the system performs a calculation, the result of which is a complete logistic scheme, describing optimal delivery routes, vehicles, and frequency of shipment. Optimality is calculated taking into account the full distribution scheme for the entire model, and not for individual routes.

Users can conduct a comparative analysis of various schemes. Based on such calculations, for example, a decision may be made on the creation or liquidation of storage warehouses serving several routes.

Usage example

International FMCG-company

  • About 200 warehouses in one country
  • The financial result from the use of the system is many times higher than the cost of its implementation

Technologies used

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • .NET (WPF)

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